As I See It: Let Them Know Their Impact Before They Are Gone


All of us, at some point in our lives, have loved ones—family, friend, teacher, colleague, and others—who are no longer around. As I see it, there was something the departed person did or said that has had a lasting effect on us. The reality is that collectively the lasting memories have stuck with us, and this is reason to do something and cherish their attitudes or values to perpetuity.

I have always believed that each person with whom we come into contact says or does something that has resonated with us and is possibly worth emulating.

One can think of parents, teachers, co-workers, and preachers, to name a few, who at one time or other has caused us to reflect and possibly change a particular way of thinking or a particular behavior.

Our parents directly or indirectly helped to mold us into the persons we have become. Someone else, too, influenced parents, resulting in the continuity of some qualities or actions they thought should be continued. And in many cases the influence was unconscious or indirect.

Many teachers, who are next to parents, are known to have profound influence. The influence could have occurred in a classroom or on a playfield.

Because of the time spent with teachers, many students have emulated a particular teacher or teachers to the degree that the students who were influenced have themselves become teachers.

In the workplace, which is where many spend their adult lives, a particular supervisor or co-worker may have had such an impact on an individual that that individual performs his or her job with such diligence, resulting in becoming a prime target for promotions.

The individual who preaches also influences those who worship regularly. That could be a variety of persons depending on the brand of religion that is practiced. The preacher’s influence is very impactful.

One might ask after reading this article, whom should we emulate? As I see it, we are a combination of many influencers.

As I see it, what we take away from those with whom we come into contact and continue what they might have taught us directly or indirectly are our way of showing our appreciation for having known them.

Let us continue to not only indirectly appreciate those who have had very strong influences on us, but while they are still around let them know. That is as I see it!

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