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Declaring that the Circle of Hands Foundation has been blessed by the Heavenly Father, founder Cindy Stewart, who brought greetings from the children at the three orphanages that the organization supports in Jamaica, said words cannot express how much she truly appreciates and loves all of the wonderful people who have committed to help them with their goals.

“The kindness and love you bestowed upon the children surely speaks volume about your dedication to a Godly cause,” Stewart, who briefly addressed the gathering at the organization’s Sixth Annual Benefit Dinner, which was held at Sheraton Hartford South Hotel, Saturday, March 19, added.

She offered special thanks to all those involved in the Foundation’s Sponsored Parents Program, who she said are the backbone of the organization. “It is because of you that the children feel so loved,” she said.

Keynote speaker Clinical Social Worker Lorna Little while congratulating the members of the Foundation’s committee for their hard work in the caring of the children, expressed fascination with the name of the organization, “Circle of Hands,” which she said makes her think of what one can do with their hands.

“What are you going to do with your hands?” she asked. “Everyone cannot be in the frontline, but there is something you can do like providing support to help with the caring of young people,” she stated.

Little, who has a diverse background that melds into an interesting mix of human services and the media, spoke about her recently published inspirational book “Mum’s the Word,” in which she wrote about the complexities of family and self-discovery in her memoir which reminds others of how fragile the mother-child bond can be. Relating to the consequences that may have led many of the children to the orphanages, she said that it is important to speak the truth and to help one another.

“Love is available to everyone. You never know someone’s story or what the future holds for you, so you should try to help in every way to support the young people,” she said.

Little concluded her speech by encouraging the attendees to participate in a brief ritual which included joining hands together in a spirit of unity and making a difference, praying, which she said is very important, then challenged them to go into their wallets and make donations to the organization. “Give whatever you can,” she urged.

Extending his gratitude to the attendees for their presence at the dinner, President Errol Smith said that he looks forward to their continued support.

“By no means, our organization is the only one that provides assistance to the children in those orphanages,” he stated. “They also receive support from local organizations in Jamaica and abroad. What sets us apart from everyone else,” he said, “is our Sponsored Parent Program, which provides each of the children with a loving and caring parent, who personally keeps in contact with them, and shares in their moments of joy and times of trial.

“Through the program, we work directly with the caregivers, matron and administrators at the homes on an ongoing basis,” he explained. Urging others to get involved in the program, he said that we still have many children without sponsored parents and our goal is to provide each child with a loving and caring sponsored parent.

At the function, tribute was paid to a few of the Foundation’s strongest supporters who were recognized for their generous contributions and services throughout the years. They included Winifred “Molly” Bennett, Carol Weiz, The Foley family out of Philadelphia, and the Pediatric, Youth and Family HIV Program. The family of Beverley Jean Henriques, who passed away recently, was also presented with an award in recognition of the contributions that she made to the Foundation.

A table was also set up in honor of the memory of one of a well-respected child at one of the homes in Jamaica, Roshane Brown, who also passed away recently.
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