JEPAC Opens Its Headquarters

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The dream of the Jamaica Ex-Police Association of Connecticut to have its own home was realized on Saturday, March 5, when the members staged a very impressive ceremony to open their headquarters, which is located at 126-128 Homestead Avenue, Hartford.

According to Lloyd Brooks, president, despite experiencing some growing pains since they started 25 years ago, the opening of the facility is the result of the hope, vision, hard work, and dream of the members who had set their sights on the organization having its own home. “I hope that this gesture will be good for all,” Brooks, who briefly addressed the gathering, said.

He paid tribute to the founders for their consistent support of the organization and said that it is his hope that they will continue to achieve success in their endeavors throughout the years.

Brooks eloquently spoke about late member Clinton Scarlett, who members of the organization named one of the halls in the building, was committed to making sure that the organization’s building fund got strong support from the members. Scarlett’s widow, Mrs. Shirley Scarlett, who was present, was given the honor to release the banner which showed his name at the entrance to the hall.

Another highlight of the function was the announcement and presentation of a certificate to Dr. Lenworth Ellis, a strong supporter of the organization, making him an honorary member.

Councilwoman rJo Winch presented Brooks with a citation from the city and congratulated members on their achievement. “I hope that this will help you to continue the work that you are known for in the community,” she said. Winch also was given the honor to cut the ribbon at the entrance of the building.

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