Letter To The Editor: New Job Training And More!

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Dear WIA News,

I read with interest your article, “Training in Plumbing, Electricity, And Carpentry: It’s New And Lands You A Job,” in the 2018 October edition of The West Indian American.

I could not imagine such a wonderful opportunity falls in our laps and made available for free. Kudos to the planners and the State Department of Education that funded the program; I know so many people who stand ready to make use of this opportunity.

The three areas, plumbing, electricity, and carpentry integrated with the academics, such as reading, writing, and math certainly prepare adult learners with critical skills and become entrepreneurs. Folks like me who left school years ago, now have the opportunity to upgrade their skills in reading, spelling and writing, and at the same time they are meeting the need for skilled workers in Connecticut. In fact, the need for skilled workers in the areas of plumbing, electricity, and carpentry will stretch far into the future. This is a great opportunity for newcomers getting the training and prepared for the job market. I plan to spread the word.

The program certainly gives one a second chance to be trained and equipped for a well-paid career. What an opportunity to get the training and the skills, and to go on the field trips to various industries and the internships for students as they pursue obtaining their licenses.

And the teachers are well equipped with years of experience teaching in the various skills. It is great that the program is open to both men and women, young or old.

I will continue to tell the story of this new program opportunity. In particular, there is a pressing need for skilled workers in pluming, carpentry, and electricity.

For those who are interested in learning more about these new programs, as I have done, I have found two telephone numbers for you to call at Hartford Adult Education (HAE) 860-695-5842 and CURET 860-247-0123.

Jim Francis, Hartford, CT

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